About Our Business
Green Saver Inc. was established in 1986 in Tampa, Florida.  We started out
providing lawn maintenance, landscaping, sod, and irrigation system services.  We
ventured into fish pond and waterfall creations.  Finally we decided to focus on water.

Our current specialties are in the assurance of personal use water quality, through
water treatment and filtration systems.

We also continue to provide a full compliment of irrigation services for individual
home owners, new developments, multiple dwelling complexes, and specialty
commercial installations.

We pride ourselves in providing quality services at competitive prices.  We specialize
in performing highly efficient work minimizing disruption to our clients time by
completing all work in the shortest duration possible.  We will not start projects that we
can not complete without undue disruption.

Our current clients include individual homeowners, quality home builders,
commercial corporations, home associations, and government agencies.
About Us